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I recognise how extremely fortunate I am when I say it's not very often that life gives me lemons. Recently I've had a few lemons tossed my way and in a fashion that is typical of me, I've either been knocked sideways by them or I have actively (and successfully) ignored them. In my line of work, I frequently advocate mindfulness, but much like the old saying, and to my dismay, I actually rarely practice what I preach. From now on though, when life does gives me lemons, I'm going to try and be non-judgementally aware of them.

Art Life's lemons Illustration patternArt Life's lemons Illustration Greeting CardArt Life's lemons Illustration framedArt Life's lemons Illustration phone case
Art Life's lemons Illustration cushion cover

So when life does give me lemons, I'm going to draw them. And just look what can happen when you do decide to make something positive of those pesky lemons! I was so pleased with the resulting pattern, that rather uncharacteristically of me, I decided to upload it onto my Society6 store. This means that you can now get my illustrated lemon pattern on stationary cards, cushions, phone cases or as a simple art print

If you know someone who has had some lemons chucked their way recently, a lemon greeting card might be just the thing to cheer them up!

How do you cope with lemons? And what do you think of my pattern?

Let me know in the comments below!

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