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It's almost halloween which means it's time for me to sort out my nails and get them looking less ghastly and more spooktacular. I'm really not a fan of blood and gore and so I really struggled to come up with a halloween-related design for my nails this year. I'm loving the Snow Queen look (probably because it's more festive than it is spooky...) and so I thought I would go with a bit of an icey theme. This definitely inspired my choice of colours, however whilst I was looking for inspiration, I stumbled across this beautiful photograph of a spiders webI intended to add 'dew drops' like those in the photo but in the end I decided that I quite liked the nail design as it was.

Nail Art Spooktacular Spider Web Nails

1. Paint all over with a base coat and leave to dry. Here, I used the Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Top Coat.

2. Paint the bottom half of the nail with mint green and the top half of the nail with a light blue. For this I used Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail varnishes in Green Berry and Sugar Apple. I did one nail at a time and used a brush to blend the two colours together slightly as I went.

Mint green turquoise nail varnish Barry M

3. Draw a line down the middle of the nail from top to bottom and a line across the middle of the nail from left to right. For this I used a nail art pen that I bought ages ago from New Look but you could also do this with a pot of nail varnish and a thin paintbrush. 

4. Draw a line across from the top left of the nail to the bottom right and the top right to the bottom left. Here, I made sure that each line went through intersection where the lines I had drawn in step 3 crossed over one another.

Gold nail art pen spider web

5. Connect each line with a curved line approximately halfway down. Here, I found it helpful to draw over the line slightly at each end of the curved line.

6. Repeat this closer to the edges of the nail. As in step 5, connect each line with a curved line in the space between the curved lines created in step 6 and the edge of the nail.

Nail Art Spooktacular Spider Web Nails

7. Once dry, paint all over the whole nail with a clear top coat to protect your hard work! For this I once again used my Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Top Coat.

And that's it! Let me know what you think and what you're up to for halloween in the comments below.

Happy Halloweeen!


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