Art Purrfect Pepper Biro Illustration header

So I've been feeling super creative recently and really enjoying blogging about the bits and bobs I doodle or make in my spare time, which along with my recent pledge to be more organised with my blog, means you may have noticed a bit more activity on here. I've wanted to share this doodle for ages but got caught up with all my other blog post ideas. Last year my sister and her (then) boyfriend bought two gorgeous and ridiculously cute kittens, Poppy and Pepper, which did absolutely nothing to lessen my desires of getting my own kitten.

Art Cat Biro Illustration Watercolour

However, seeing as I couldn't have one at the time (or now - the woes of living in a flat), and because I had probably watched enough 'adorable kitten' videos on youtube to last a lifetime, I thought I would continue to fuel my cat obsession by drawing Pepper. Pepper had (still has!) such lovely markings on her face and I couldn't help but find her absolutely hilarious as a kitten. Whenever I went round, she would alternate between creepily staring at me (well, as creepy as a pink nosed fur ball could be) and licking me.

Art Cat Biro Illustration Sketch

Licking. And staring. What a little weirdo. Anyway, I was pretty pleased with my final doodle and my sister was too. 

What do you think? Is it worthy of my Society6 store?

Let me know in the comments below! It's always really valuable to hear your opinions and get feedback :)

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