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It's getting close to party season (yay!), which can mean only one thing; cocktail-flavoured cupcakes or cuptails as I fondly call them! I've made these for almost every party I've ever thrown and every time I have, they have always gone down a treat. Mojito's are my absolute favourite cocktail and at my last party, where I made both Mojito cuptails and Chocolate Vodka cuptails, the Mojito cuptails were not only my favourite, but also my party guests'.

They are actually pretty easy to make and as they make a nice little addition to any party or gathering, I thought that I would share with you how I made and decorated them. I found the recipe from the Good Food Channel's website. I often get my recipes from here because it has such a good variety of interesting recipes and explains them so simply that even a kitchen-phobe like myself can understand them.

Baking Mojito Cuptail ingredients

After making and baking the cupcakes, I left them to completely cool. Once they were cool, I broke off some mint leaves and gently rubbed it across the top of each cupcake. I then poured some brown rum (unlike white rum as the recipe suggests!) and lime juice into an egg cup and using a pastry brush, brushed the rum-lime mixture onto the top of each cupcake. This is such a good method of infusing cakes and cupcakes with alcohol without having to adjust the proportions of the mixture - I don't know about you, but that always confuses me. Leave the rum-lime mixture to soak in thoroughly before brushing on another layer. I repeated this quite a few times (haha!) so that they were thoroughly alcohol infused, however you can alter this to your own taste.

Cupcakes oven baked

Before the final layer of the mixture was completely absorbed, I lightly sprinkled on some brown sugar so that it dissolved into the mixture on top of the cupcakes. For the icing, I mixed up some flora buttery (instead of butter!) with icing sugar and added a drop of green food colouring gel and the remainder of the rum-lime mix. I found that adding these in, as well as using Flora instead of butter, meant that I needed a bit more icing sugar than the recipe suggested. Once I was happy with the consistency of the icing, I put the icing into a piping bag and using a round tipped nozzle, piped a high cone shape into the middle of the cupcake. Then, starting from the outside edge of the cupcake, I piped in a spiral towards the centre of the cupcake, going up the sides of the cone until I reached the top. 

Baking Mojito Cuptail finished

To decorate the icing, I sprinkled some brown sugar over the top, cut up some straws and pushed these into the centre of the icing at an angle. I then added a sprig of mint and cut up some lime into small wedges, which I pushed into the icing around the straw to give it more of a 'cocktail look'. Sadly I didn't take a photo of how they looked before I served them, as guests started arriving whilst I was finishing them up and I dashed off to get changed so I'm sorry there's no final picture!

What cocktail would you like as a cupcake?

Have you ever made cuptails?

Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to share and subscribe!

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