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How is it Sunday already! Hasn't this weekend just flown by?! In fact, this entire week seems to have gone by really quickly, although that may have something to do with this week being pretty fun and busy. One of the things I got up to last week, was popping to Petworth House and Park to have a mosey around the manor and a leisurely gander around the grounds in the sunshine. 

One of the main highlights for me, was seeing all of the patterns and textures that adorn the decor and furniture in the house. Although my illustrations and art are usually quite modern in style, I found the patterns, and colour combinations, really inspiring. Having been asked to help a friend design her wedding invitations for next year, I thought I would take some photos of them to keep for some vintage inspiration.

Antique light vintage pattern wallpaper
Black and gold vintage cabinet patternVintage floral pattern
Vintage decorated ceilingVintage embroidered pattern
Vintage floral pattern cabinet

Another thing I really enjoyed was seeing all of the original J.M.W. Turner's that are part of Petworth's incredible art collection. It was interesting to see the difference between his earlier, more traditional works, and his later, more abstract, works. There was also a small exhibition dedicated to Mr Turner, a film about the life and art of J.M.W. Turner, who had something of a connection to the house, which shows not only some of the making of the film but also some interesting facts about the artist himself.

What do you think of these patterns? Have you got any 'vintage inspirations' to share?

Let me know in the comments below!


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