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It's all go again here, officially back to work and studying. I can't believe how quickly my three and half week annual leave went, however I did have a lovely time (I guess time does fly when you're having fun!) and did a few little crafty projects which I had so much fun doing. Whilst doing them, I took lots of photos and blogged about them afterwards which I have scheduled to post on here in the coming months. I even have a spreadsheet (thank you for the idea Dorkface!) so for the next few months I will be beautifully organised (or at least, that's the plan...) and even if I'm chocker at work, things should be a bit more consistent on here (hurrah!). In the spirit of feigning organisation, I thought I would get my nails looking a bit tidier (you'll see the state that they were in in my upcoming blog posts) and share with how I decided to neaten them up.

If you follow my on Twitter, you may have seen that recently I popped to Hobbycraft (this is the UK's biggest craft store chain) and had a bit of a craft haul. One of the things I bought was Scotch Magic Tape, which I've seen lots of other nail artists use in their tutorials. I wanted to give this a go alongside a pink nail varnish by Barry M called Pink Flamingo (what a great name!) that I got as a freebie with another purchase from Superdrug a little while ago. I'm not a big fan of bright pink nails and so wanted to find a way to subtly incorporate it. 

clear base coat nail varnish
mink nail varnish barry m mattescotch magic tape mink nail varnish
pink scotch magic tape nail varnish
nail art mink pink stripe barry m flamingo

1. Paint all over with base coat and leave to dry 2. Paint all over with one colour and leave to dry | 3. Cut strips of scotch tape and place on nails with a strip of exposed nail between4. Paint over the nail with the second colour and peel off the tape when slightly drier (but not completely) | 5. Once dry, paint all over the whole nail with a clear top coat.


Have you ever used Scotch Magic Tape on your nails? How would you wear a bright pink nail varnish?

Let me know in the comments below! :)


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