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Done List May 2016 by Isoscella

I love lists and write them all the time. But the thought occurred to me the other day that most of the lists I write are about things that I need to do or things that I want to achieve. Even blog post ideas - lots and lots of them - that sometimes I don't have the time or energy to actually produce. I write them again and again, either as a reminder of all my 'ideas that are too good to forget' or as a way of motivating myself. And this got me thinking; how helpful is it to consistently make lists of things I have yet to do? How psychologically healthy is that?

Sometimes I wonder if 'To do' lists do more to reinforce my inadequacies and highlight the distance between my current position and where I want to be, than they do actually motivate me. And if I'm reminding myself of this, consciously or subconsciously, what room is there to appreciate where I am right now? Or how far I've come? I'm certainly not saying I'm going to ditch my 'to do' lists (I would be lost without at least some!) but maybe I can be a bit healthier with my list writing; more mindful. 

To help me do this, I've decided to start a new monthly 'Done List' post showing snippets of the past month. These snippets might simply be things that made me happy, things that I've done, things that I've made or things I've achieved.

Hopefully the first of many, here's May...
Done List - May 2016 by Isoscella
1. Pom poms make everything look better so naturally this cushion is now my firm favourite
2. A fun filled weekend in Lisbon indulging in the best custard tarts
3. Drinking tea out of my homemade monogram mug after a long day at work
4. Walks and afternoon tea in the sunshine with my parents
5. Cuddles and unconditional love from my cat
6. The Friday feeling
7. Practising hand lettering
8. Living by the sea on beautiful sunny days
9. Finding beauty in the most unlikely of places

What do you think of 'Done lists'?

How was your May?

Let me know in the comments below!


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