Oh, copper. It was after I made my copper dipped candle holder that I truly came to realise that not only was I copper-obsessed, but that with the aid of Hobbycraft, I could make anything in my flat, with the exception of my boyfriend perhaps (though I'm sure there's a way...), copper. So naturally, when I pulled out this poor old mirror, in desperate need of some TLC, I immediately reached for my copper enamel spray paint to give it a copper-infused new lease of life.

Copper Spray Paint | Scotch Magic Tape | Old Mirror or Photo Frame


1. Clean and thoroughly dry the mirror (or frame). I don't know about you, by my mirrors always get small specks of makeup on (and that's without the dust these thing naturally accumulate!), so before painting I gently cleaned my mirror with a sponge and warm water.

2. Stick magic tape all of the mirror or glass. Obviously I didn't want to paint the actual mirror (or glass if painting a photoframe), it would be a pretty ineffective mirror then, so before painting I was sure to cover these areas. To do this, I completely covered these areas with strips of tape slightly overlapping each other.

3. Cut around the mirror (or glass) with a craft knife and remove any tape covering the frames. Using a craft knife, I then cut around the mirror and peeled off the tape that was covering any parts that I wanted to paint.

4. Spray the copper paint all over. This was so satisfying. I love spray painting things anyway, but spray painting something completely copper was just heavenly.

5. Once dry, peel off the tape on the mirror (or glass). I left the paint to dry overnight and then the next day, carefully peels off the strips of tape.

...and that's it!

Although the style of the mirror is perhaps a bit old fashioned, I actually really like the contrast between that and the more 'current' copper colour. This technique also works great with photo frames and I have so many frames that I'm now desperate to also spray copper. Unfortunately, my boyfriend isn't quite the fan that I am and so I'm trying to reign in my copper spray paint obsession... but we'll see how long that lasts!

How have you refurbished any old mirrors or frames?

I'd love to hear your creative ideas in the comments below!


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