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Copper has taken home decor by storm within the last couple of years and like many others, I fully approve. With it's earthy tones, copper seems to go with everything and adds a little bit of rustic chic. Thankfully, craft stores and craft product companies have jumped on the copper bandwagon and given us lots of different ways to create our own copper accessories. After receiving lots of Yankee votive candles from Santa this year, I realised that I don't have many candle holders suitable for them and so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get my copper on!

DIY copper dipped glass votive box
DIY copper dipped glass votive

diy copper dipped glass votive materials

1. Clean the glass votive and place it upside down. To clean my glass votive, I just washed it with warm water and thoroughly dried it. I then upturned it so that the bottom of the votive was facing upwards.

2. Stick tape all the way around approximately a third of the way down. With the bottom of the votive still facing upwards, I pulled off some Scotch Magic Tape and stuck it approximately a third of the way down. I used several small pieces of tape to try and keep it level all the way round.

glass votive scotch magic tape

3. Use a sponge to dab glass paint on the exposed glass above the tape. For this I used GlasArt Paint in Copper. I poured a small amount out onto a plastic palette and used a sponge to dab the paint all over. The paint I used was transparent (so the light from the candle can still come through!) however this meant that I felt I needed to add a couple of layers.

4. Whilst still tacky, carefully peel off the tape. To make sure I didn't peel off any paint that I didn't want to, I peeled the tape off while the paint was still a bit tacky. This worked well although in a few places where I had an air bubble in the tape, the paint slightly went over the line.

glass votive scotch magic tape copper paint

5. Leave the glass paint to dry for at least 2 hours. The paint stayed sticky for quite some time and even after 2 hours I wasn't confident in turning it the right way up so I left it over night. The next day it was completely dry and I was ready to turn it the right way up and pop in a candle.

copper glass paint drying

....and that's it!

This took just 20 minutes to complete (without drying time of course!) and is so ridiculously easy. I love the copper against my white furniture and it just complements my glass and copper box (which a lovely friend got me for Christmas from Oliver Bonas!) perfectly.

I'd love to see your copper crafts or DIY's so post a link of them in the comments below!

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