DIY easter flower pot cornflake cakes

Following my Five Faves Friday DIY Easter Decor post, I was full to the brim of Easter-related craft and DIY ideas but because of all the work I had, very much lacking in time. So, I opted to quench my crafting thirst with the ridiculously easy and spring classic that is the chocolate cornflake cake. You often see them at this time of year with mini eggs on top looking something akin to a birds nest, but for want of being a bit different, I decided to make mine look like flower pots.

DIY Easter Spring Flower Pot Chocolate Cornflake Cake Gift
Cornflakes | Chocolate | Flowers | Cupcake cases | Brown paper cup | Cupcake gift tray
DIY Easter Spring Flower Pot Chocolate Cornflake Cake Gift
DIY Easter Garland Paper Cup Cupcake Cases

1. Trim off the top of your brown paper cups and place your cupcake cases inside. Because I'm in the midst of a 5000 word essay, I'm pretty much a recluse at the moment and so to avoid having to leave my laptop to enter the real world for too long, I opted to get some brown paper cups from Tescos. As an added bonus they were super cheap though some flower pot cupcake cases would be perfect. 

2. Melt the chocolate and crush up some cornflakes in a separate bowl. Again, in the spirit of laziness and to reduce my washing up, I melted the chocolate in the microwave in increments of 20 seconds. Whilst this was melting, I decided to crush my cornflakes up so they were a bit more soil-like.

DIY Royal Icing Flowers Paper Cup Cornflake Chocolate  

3. Stir the cornflakes into the bowl of melted chocolate. Keep mixing until all of the cornflakes are covered in chocolate. For this I used a metal spoon. When I tried it, it tasted a bit too sweet and so I sprinkled in some cocoa powder.

4. Spoon the chocolate cornflake mixture into each cupcake case. Using two teaspoons I carefully spooned the mixture into the cupcake cases. Once I reached the top of the cases, I added another spoonful in the middle to create a little mound so that my decorations would be at a slight angle.

DIY Easter Flower Pot Cornflake Cake Garland Confetti

5. Place the sugar paste flowers on top and put the pots in the fridge to set. Make sure you add these on whilst the mixture is still sticky otherwise they'll fall straight back off. If you do miss this window of opportunity though, never fear, just melt a little more chocolate and stick them on with this. Leave in the fridge to set for an hour or two.

6. Place the pots into your cupcake gift trays and tie up the cellophane with the bow. The best way to do this, is to first assemble the box and then place the flower pot into this. I found my flower pots moved around quite a bit so you might want to shred up some green tissue paper (to look like grass!) and stuff it in around the pot to keep it in place. Next you want to open the cellophane and carefully lower the box into it and secure it with a bow.

DIY Easter Flower Pot Cornflake Cake Garland Confetti Gift

This is another ridiculously easy (and cheap!) DIY that took me hardly any time at all and the resulting cakes are not only delicious but lovely to look at. These would make a great little 'Happy Easter!' gift for friends and family. 

In my bid to fully embrace Easter, I recently bought the garland and confetti (Waitrose) above. I was pretty fortunate to be given the tulips above from work however I completely forgot to get a vase for them, so what you can't see is that my lovely tulips are sat in a coffee jar (haha)!

Let me know what you think of this super easy DIY in the comments below, I always love to hear your views!

Happy Easter :)


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