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Happy Sunday! I hope everyone has been having a restful and enjoyable weekend. I for one have been doing absolutely nothing and it has been amazing. After handing in my dissertation proposal on friday, I decided to give myself the weekend off before starting my next piece of work (it really is never ending!) and what better way to relax than a bit of a NΔIL ΔRT.

Cream nail mint triangle base nail art

I had an image in my head as to how I wanted my nails to look and decided that potentially the easiest way to create them, based on what I had to hand, would be to use a post-it note. Yep you read that right, a post-it note! It surprisingly worked really well and so I thought I would share with you exactly how I did it.

Cream nail varnish  
Cream nail varnish post-it note Post-it note nail art mint nail varnish  Cream nail mint triangle base nail art

1. Paint all over with a base coat. | 2. Leave base coat to dry. 3. Paint all over with a beige/cream nail varnish. | 4. Leave this to fully dry - be patient!5. Cut off a nail-sized square from the sticky part of a post-it.6. Cut out a triangle from one side of this square. | 7. Place this onto the nail, with the cut out triangle at the base of the nail. 8. Paint over the exposed nail with a mint nail varnish. 9. Whilst this is still tacky, gently peel the post-it off. 10. Leave this to fully dry & paint over with a top coat.

...and that's it! Who knew post-it's could be so multipurpose?! 

What I used:

Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat | Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine 'Greenberry' Nail Paint  | Topshop 'Offbeat' Nail Varnish

Please do let me know what you think in the comments below and share any of your nail tutorial recommendations! 

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