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Just 4 days left to go and I still haven't finished my christmas shopping or christmas crafting. Every year I seem get to this stage, having the year before said to myself that next year will be the year I get myself organised in advance of all the craziness that ensues after mid-december. Although I am in a similar position yet again, I have at least planned and made my christmas cards. I've never really wanted to have a go at linocutting, but after watching this year's Sky Art's Landscape Artist of the Year and subsequently finding a great DIY Stamp Set from Tiger, I decided to have a go at cutting my own festive stamps and using them to make christmas cards for my family and friends.

Craft Christmas Card Stamping Holly
Craft Christmas Card Handmade Holly Stamp
Craft Christmas Card Stamp Holly

Although the stamp kit came with some handy inks in three different colours (black, pink and blue), I used acrylic paint so that I could mix up a more festive green. I really enjoyed making these and was pleasantly surprised at how long it took to cut the stamps, which was probably less than 2 hours in total, and how well the stamps actually printed. It really was a great kit to get me started however I'm keen to have a go with more tools on lino and so I'm thinking that next time I will invest in a Lino Cutting and Printing Kit.

Have you ever tried linocutting? Have you crafted any christmas cards this year?

Let me know in the comments below! :)


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