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Thank god it's Friday again eh! I hope everyone's Friday is more a POET's day (aka Push Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday) than another normal working day and that everyone is looking forward to a well deserved weekend. posted quite some time ago about starting a Society6 store and although uploading new illustrations onto it has been put onto the back burner for a while, I still log in to explore new uploads from the HUGE range of talented artists, designers and illustrators on there.

I really enjoy having a look through Society6 at the many talented designers, illustrators and artists out there however I seem to return to the profiles and shops of a few. So seeing as it is Friday, and I haven't done a '5 FΔVES FRIDΔY' since my Classy Craftoween post, I thought I would share with you who my five favourite Society6 artists are at the moment.

Little & fierce Cat Coquillette
Little & Fierce by Cat Coquillette. Buy a giclee print of this lovely piece from Society6.
Gold Tree Rings Cat Coquillette
Gold Tree Rings by Cat Coquillette. Buy a giclee print of this intricate piece from Society6.

I absolutely love the work of Cat Coquillette's and I just can't get enough of it; it just amkes me happy. It has such a distinctive style, often incorporating intricate but bold ink and watercolour designs with metallic gold hints and motifs. And what's more, the motifs are heartfelt and inspiring and the designs are vibrant and colourful. What's not to love?!

Mr Deer gets festive Laura Graves
Koalas love hugs Laura Graves

I'm a big fan of monochrome illustrations with hints of colour added here and there in my own artwork and so I was instantly drawn to Laura Grave's work. She has such skill in creating quirky and somewhat vintage looking illustrations, which literally burst with character, feeling and humour. Just look at that boozey deer!

Vin Zzep Vanishing Elephant
Vanishing Elephant by Vin Zzep. Buy a giclee print of this beautiful image from Society6.
Like a Horse in the woods Vin Zzep
Like a Horse in the woods by Vin Zzep. Buy a print of this haunting image from Society6.

Vin Zzep is an artist who cleverly combines different subject matters in his work to create hauntingly beautiful and thought-provoking pieces. More recently, Vin Zzep's work has taken a more surreal like quality, slightly reminiscent of Salvador Dali, but with a style and texture that is markedly different. I'd definitely recommend giving this Society6 store a peek!

Fox Amy Hamilton
Fox by Amy Hamilton. Buy a print of this fantastical fox from Society6.
Feathesr Amy Hamilton
Feathers by Amy Hamilton. Buy a giclee print of this piece from Society6.

Amy Hamilton is a graphic designer and illustrator who creates lovely whimsical illustrations and portraits of animals and natural objects. I love how she captures such movement and realism in her pieces using splodges, smudges and brush strokes. Her style and technique also seems to give the pieces a unique dream-like quality that you can instantly recognise as hers. I love how piercing the foxes eyes are in the artwork above!


I first became aware of David Fleck's work when I saw the piece, Voyages over Edinburgh, which just surely has to be one of the most popular art prints on Society6. With their vintage, quirky and slight architectural-inspired accuracy and subject matter, it's easy to see why David Fleck has gained over 10,000 followers on Society6. Unfortunately I didn't hear back from him about including images of his pieces in this post (I imagine he receives many and as we all know, it's hard to keep track of those emails sometimes!) so go check them out on his Society6 store - I'd particularly recommend 'Winter in New York' and 'Drift II'.


Rather excitingly I recently sold my first product on my Society6 store (eee!) and received my very first payment for it through PayPal. I read many many reviews before joining Society6 which detailed stories of individuals not selling anything for years and years, and the general consensus was that you needed lots of illustrations on there to get anywhere, so I really didn't expect to sell anything myself. It's always been a dream of mine to actually sell some of my art and never have - until now! *happy dance*

Have you got any work on Society6? If so, post a link to it below!

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