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Can you believe it's July already?! For me, the fact we are now a couple of weeks into July means the end of placement is in sight (only 4 weeks to go!) and my three and a bit weeks of annual leave are almost within reach. So since my last post, I've been working hard whilst enjoying the odd bit of sunshine (it's been so hot here in the UK!) whilst really trying to take the whole 'I'm a priority' thing seriously.

And to this end, a couple of weeks ago I spent an afternoon doing things all for me. It had been a while since my nails had received some (much needed) TLC and given we had just entered festival season, I thought I would treat them to something bright and patterned. As my nail art pens are running low, I had to improvise a bit and instead used a Staedtler metallic marker I found lurking in the bottom of a draw.

Blue nail gold nail art how to DIY
Blue nail varnish Barry MBlue nail gold marker  Blue nail gold marker

1. Paint all over with base coat. | 2. Leave base coat to dry. 3. Paint all over with blue nail varnish.4. Leave this coat to dry. 5. Draw a pattern over your painted nails using a marker.6. Leave the marker to dry COMPLETELY. 7. Paint over the whole nail with a clear top coat. | 8. Leave this to fully dry.


Rather surprisingly I really liked using a marker as it was not only really pigmented but a gave a flatter finish than nail art pens which lasted for pretty much the same amount of time. They key I think was that I left it to dry fully before using a good quality top coat. 

What are your thoughts on using markers on your nails?

Let me know in the comments below! :)


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