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Rather sadly I didn't have time to do a little illustration this week and so I wasn't able to upload a MOTIVΔTIONΔL MONDΔY post. I've not only been busy getting ready for the upcoming changes in my life, but perhaps because of all these changes, my body decided to give in to one illness after another. So as a bit of a treat, I had a relaxing afternoon/evening in on Friday and watched endless romcoms, ate an entire chocolate orange and painted my nails. I love triangles on absolutely everything from cushions to jewellery, and so they ofcourse made an appearance on my nails!

Gold chevron nail art mint nude
Gold chevron nail art mint nude

Mint nail varnishMint nail varnish

STEP 1. First I painted half of my nails in one colour. Here I am using a Rimmel 60 Seconds Rita Ora Nail Polish in the shade 'Breakfast in Bed'. After allowing the first coat to dry, I then painted a second coat.

Nude mint half nail varnishMint and nude nail varnish

STEP 2. Next, I painted two coats of a nude shade from Topshop on the other half of my nails.

Chevron mint cream nail art how to DIYChevron mint cream nail art how to DIY

STEP 3. Finally, I drew three chevrons from the bottom corners of my nail to the middle and filled in the bottom chevron to create a gold filled triangle.

What do you think of this nail art?

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