Biro sketch drawing illustration panda triangle header

SO, my obsession with drawing pandas continues. And now, my pandas have gone digital! I really like the contrast between imperfect hand drawn elements and perfectly symmetrical digital elements and so I decided to mess around with some of my sketches on the computer.

Biro sketch drawing illustration panda triangle peek-a-boo  
Biro sketch drawing illustration panda sleeping  Biro sketch drawing illustration panda sleeping heartBiro sketch drawing illustration panda love to moon and back

I created my backgrounds and added the text that you can see in the images using Inkscape. The font I used is called Amatic SC by Vernon Adams which is not only ridiculously cute but also free for all to use - whether that's for private use or commercial use (yipee!). I downloaded both the regular and bold weight from Font Squirrel, which has lots of other beautiful fonts available to download. Finally I edited and created the final images using Adobe Photoshop ElementsI will post more as I make them, I've been so busy lately it's just a matter of finding the time, but I hope you enjoy these until then!

Thank you for dropping by, I'll try not to leave it so long until my next post...

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