Handmade polymer clay gold mint chevron necklace header

I've never been a big fan of zig-zag patterns; I've always felt that they were too loud, too in your face. For me, a pattern or design should simply enhance whatever it is covering, not shout 'Hello, I am a zig-zag patterned something or other' at you again and again. You might expect therefore, that I would equally dislike the many chevron-patterned things that are quite literally everywhere at the moment. Surprisingly however, I am (albeit shortly perhaps) completely enjoying it. Whether it's a chevron necklace, a chevron printed skirt or even chevron patterned decor, I love it!

Handmade polymer clay gold mint chevron necklace
Handmade polymer clay gold mint chevron necklace header
Air-dry clay handmade yellow gold chevron necklace

With this in mind, my clay jewellery has recently taken quite a chevron-inspired turn. Sticking with my minimalist style, I have purposefully tried to subtlely incorporate the chevron in some shape or form. I think, and very much hope that you agree, that it has worked well, and so I thought I would share with you two of my favourite pieces. The first piece I created with polymer clay which after baking I painted with acrylic paint and decorated with imitation metal leaf before varnishing.

Although a bit unconventional (and perhaps a bit daft!), the second piece was created using air-dry clay. It's definitely a little trickier to achieve the clean finish you get with polymer clay, and once dry it is no where near as hard, but it gives a lovely wood-like look and feel. I've recently purchased some air-dry clay which claims to be 'break-resistant' which I'm hoping will be the answer to all of my prayers!

What are your thoughts on these pieces?

Do you love chevrons?

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