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In celebration of it finally being the end of the week, I thought I would share with you five pieces of artwork which have recently caught my eye. Since joining society6 I have become so much more aware of all the lovely art, illustrations and talented artists out there - it's been really quite eye opening! I absolutely love cats, so it could be that I'm being a bit biased but to me, cats most definitely have had a bit of a comeback?! Whether it's cushions, greeting cards, iphone cases, art prints or fashion, since late last year, fury felines are everywhere. No longer is it 'Be more dog', it is definitely all about BE(ING) MORE CΔT! 

Be More Cat 5 faves friday Society6

(1) A Lot of Cats by Kitten Rain on society6 | (2) CAT // AWARE by Amy Hamilton on society6 | (3) Hooray Party Cat by Hello Harriet on Etsy | (4) Cats Map of the World Map by artPause on Etsy | (5) Untitled by @liviing on instagram 

If you like the idea of being a bit more cat, have a look at the lovely BE MORE CΔT comic over on Eat, Sleep, Sniff and the BE MORE CΔT campaign, with lots of lovely illustrations by Eat, Sleep, Sniff, on the Cats Protection website.

What do you think of the prints above?

Have you got any other feline-friendly art recommendations?

Let me know in the comments below!

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