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Monday blues
Although having a job that you like lessens the horrible feeling you get from 'Mondays', the first Monday back after a holiday, no matter what job you're in, is beyond bleak. So to cheer myself up as my first day back at work approached, I decided to make a scrap book/photo album for all of my holiday photos and bits and bobs.

Portugal biro trees sketch leaves lettering
Lettering trees leaves biro sketch

Book binding beauty
Before attempting it, I did quite a bit of research and it completely amazed me just how popular book binding and book making is and just how talented people are at it. Forgive my naivety, but I really had no idea what an art it was and how beautiful a handmade book / scrapbook / notebook could be!

Portugal biro watercolour illustration transfer cotton iron
Book binding stitching

Thread the needle
I've never made a book or photo album before but the process was actually really relaxing, particularly sewing the pages of the book together - which is amazing considering I am not blessed with needle skills! Once I had sewn the pages together, I stuck the outer pages to some folded cardboard and covered the cardboard with some material (a cut up old plain cotton pillow case) I had transferred one of my doodles onto.

      Book binding stitchingHandmade book with handmade portugal illustration

It may seem silly, but for me sometimes just doing something fun and creative is all I need to get a fresh perspective and to feel positive again - even about Mondays! I hope this inspires you and although there are lots of tutorials out there already, if you'd like me to post how I did this in steps at some point, let me know in the comments below.

Have you ever made a notebook?

Share your link to it in the comments below!

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