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The pursuit of perfection

As much as I love creating sketches of panda's and other whimsical little illustrations, it's always annoyed me that I can't draw realistically. For some reason, I find faces, hands and feet really difficult to draw. I think this is partly because I've got it in my head that to draw someone, it has to look exactly like them - and that pressure just stops me from even starting.
Art portrait watercolour lady red hair  
Art portrait pencil sketch lady hat  Art portrait pencil watercolour splatter 
Art portrait pencil sketch lady Art pencil sketch drawing lady pout hair

New year, new perspective

So this year, I am making a conscious effort to try and draw people and specifically their faces. More importantly, I'm trying to remember to just enjoy the process of doing it and not expect the outcome to be absolutely perfect. In line with this, I've had a recent spurt of practising portraits and I'm actually really pleased (and surprised!) with the drawings and paintings I have done so far. Nope, they definitely don't look exactly like the person, but I'm pleased with the composition and more to the point, I really enjoyed doing them! :)

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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